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LED High Lumen Lamps

LED High Lumen Lamp

the perfect alternative to HID Mercury installations

High Lumen LampS: Efficient & Long-Lasting Lighting Solutions

Elevate your lighting with our High Lumen Lamps, the perfect replacement for HID Mercury installations. Offering a double the lifespan of traditional HID lamps, these high-efficiency lamps are designed for optimal light distribution in a classic form.

Ideal for lighting up sidewalks, warehouses, and gardens, they ensure energy efficiency without the use of harmful substances like lead or mercury.

Experience a flicker-free lighting experience and select from multiple color temperatures to suit your specific lighting needs.


Yes. High Lumen Lamps are an efficient alternative as they provide twice the lifespan of traditional HID Mercury lamps, optimized light distribution and a shape suitable for various settings.

These lamps are ideal for outdoor and spacious indoor areas, including sidewalks, warehouses, and gardens.

Yes, they are energy-efficient, consuming less power than many conventional lamps. Additionally, they contain no lead or mercury, making them a more environmentally responsible choice.