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LED Flood Light

LED Floodlights

High-Efficiency for Diverse Applications

level up Outdoor Lighting with High-Performance LED Flood Lights

Introducing our LED Flood Lights, a versatile and adaptble solution for a range of lighting needs. These compact floodlights are ideal for enhancing the visibility and security of public areas, industrial sites, and car parks. Unlike traditional floodlights, our LED Flood Lights provide instant illumination without cooling-down delays. They are ideally suited for outdoor use, offering durability and reliability in diverse weather conditions.

With options for wall-mounted installations for building facades, these floodlights are excellent for both building illumination and lighting outdoor spaces. You can customize your ambiance with more color temperature options and rely on their protection against dust, water, and impact. They come equipped with 1 KV surge protection for enhanced safety and longevity, ensuring a well-lit and secure environment. Our LED Flood Lights also feature extended illumination to cover larger areas, eliminating dark spots.


A good LED flood light offers high luminous efficacy (bright light and low energy consumption), long lifespan, and robust construction for durability. It should also have a suitable beam angle for your specific needs and offer consistent light quality.

Consider the brightness (lumens), beam angle, color temperature, energy efficiency, and durability. Make sure it is compatible with the intended area size and purpose. Also, check for weather-resistant features if it’s for outdoor use.

“Yes, LED floodlights are more environmentally friendly than traditional floodlights. They consume less energy, therefore reduced carbon emissions. LED bulbs do not contain harmful substances like mercury, which is often found in some traditional lighting. A longer lifespan also means less frequent replacements, so less waste.