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Decorative LED Lighting

When timeless design meets modern technology.

Enhance Your Space with Seamless Blending LED Lighting Solutions

When it comes to a home, an art gallery, or even a commercial decor, lighting plays a vital role in setting the mood and enhancing the design. VESRA’s LED Decorative Lighting collection, including products such as the LED Filament Lamps or the LED Clear Lamps, combines the nostalgia for the traditional design of the bulb with the advantages of innovative LED technology. This suite of products is ideal for those who appreciate the impact design has in a setting, both in terms of aesthetics and quality of life, and need the efficiency of today’s technology.
Whether you are looking for an inviting glow, a cozy space for relaxation, or a vintage-inspired look for a room, our decorative line will suit your needs. All of this while ensuring maximum efficacy and an extensive lifespan, combining aesthetics with performance.

Why Choose VESRA
LED Decorative Lighting?

Energy Efficiency & Longevity

Our LED decorative solutions are dedicated to energy efficiency, offering significant savings on energy costs without compromising the light. Through the extended operational lifetimes, the need for frequent replacements is less lower, assuring both cost efficiency and sustainability.

Adaptability and Wide Compatibility

You can adjust the light for any mood with our dimming options. Whether you’re setting the scene for a cozy evening or a deep work session, our lamps offer flexibility with color temperature options ranging from warm to cool white. Designed to fit seamlessly into a variety of settings, our lamps come with different base options, assuring compatibility with existing fixtures.


We are committed to environmental responsibility—so our LED decorative solutions do not contain harmful substances like mercury. This way, they are a safer choice for both your space and the planet. Plus, their extended lifespan also contributes to reducing waste.